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Got Assets? Don’t Give Them Away

Wright's Media

Back when marketing dinosaurs ruled the earth (around 2003 or so), the World Wide Web was the Wild, Wild West. Many poured their heart and soul into producing a great contemporary (for its time) website, populated it with the stickiest of content, and spent many long hours making sure it was properly maintained and always up to date. However, there was a problem. Once published, your content was no longer yours. People could copy it, publish it without attribution, attach flames to it, make it spin and change color – basically steal it, and there was very little anyone could (or would) do. Fortunately, Johnny Law (a.k.a. technology) rode into town. Nothing is foolproof, but with the help of technology, today’s content providers can maintain control and continue to receive income for their labor long after the (digital) ink has dried.

You heard Wright. We are experts at creating new revenue streams for any business. One way we do this is through a licensing partnership that will allow you to fully monetize your past work. Also, with our experience and market contacts, the experts at Wright’s Media can help you reposition and repurpose your existing content for added income. Most importantly, we will use your content to grow your business while assuring that safeguards are in place to protect against piracy.

This is not a “black box” transaction – you maintain 100% control while our systems provide 100% transparency. Our experience and track record ensure your property is protected and continues to improve your bottom line. Your brand integrity is our #1 concern during any negotiations for the use of your assets. In addition, our extensive database of contacts guarantees that your brand will be introduced via new and unique channels to new markets. This is what we do.

Content licensing with Wright’s will provide these benefits:

  • Deploy the latest “best practices” in program development
  • Higher revenues with no up-front cost
  • Proven record of customer satisfaction
  • More brand exposure and recognition
  • Customized pricing model
  • Real-time activity and royalty report access
  • Multi-channel sales and marketing
  • High quality graphic design to make your content pop

Brian Kolb, COO of Wright’s Media and branding evangelist, says “Protect your content – don’t give away your branded assets. We can negotiate and sign exclusive agreements with publishers and then license the content back to users through delivery vehicles like t-shirts, bus wraps, train shelters, product packaging, radio - anywhere it’s facing consumers. Pump up your brand equity by leveraging our expertise.”

Our publishing partners include Conde Nast, Dennis Publishing, Gawker Media, Good Housekeeping, Mashable, Men’s Health, Motor Trend, Purch Media, and U.S. News & World Report. Contact us and put your brand to work!

Wright's Media

  • 2407 Timberloch Place, Suite B
  • Phone: 877.652.5295
  • E-Mail:
  • Website:
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